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Juf Julia

Hello! I am Juf Julia and I am ready to help your child reach his/her Dutch language goal. 

I am a primary school teacher in the Dutch system, with a very international trajectory. I have been an expatriate, a language learner myself and I am also a proud mother of multilingual children. I fully understand what a newcomer needs to succeed in this new land and language adventure, and the linguistic and non-linguistic challenges expat parents and their children face everyday in The Netherlands. 

Language is crucial to communicate with people in our eveyday life. Children attending an extra curricular activity in Dutch will feel much more confortable when they can interact in Dutch with other Dutch speaking children, for sure! This is why learning Dutch is an essential factor to feel good and more confident, for children as well as for adults. 

Moreover, as a teacher in the Dutch school system, I have seen how intimidating Dutch schools can be to newcomers and expatriates. I have also observed very closely how a child can "close" or "block" and get scared by this whole new experience, specially when teachers are not acquainted with non-Dutch customs and cultures, the way I am. Unfortunately, and in lots of cases, the child's fear is misunderstood, and it can interpreted as "retard" or as a learning problem, when in many cases, it is just not. 

I can surely help your child(ren) make progress, learning in a playful way, thanks to all my teaching experience, structured and personalized lessons and child development psychological processes knowledge.

Furthermore, I deeply care about giving a warm welcome to our expat community, I concentrate in strengthening their Dutch language skills and their confidence. My priority is to make my students less scared and to make them feel comfortable with their Dutch language and culture integration in The Netherlands. By the way, I truly care about school problems and retards caused due to the current COVID-19 crisis. 

I know well that my mission is very important. Every time my students leave the classroom, I feel really proud of all the tools I am giving to them, because I have no doubt that I am contributing to their integration in The Netherlands, and also their progress and success in life. I teach with my heart and soul. 

Moreover, I strongly believe that languages are powerful forces and wonderful tools and that they contribute to make our little one's confidence and self-esteem grow. Besides, languages are keys to open up lots of useful doors and Universes. So, offering all of this knowledge to our little miracles will surely help them be succesful in The Netherlands and in life :-) Especially in these times of global uncertainty and turmoil, acquiring a language mean self-defense, an extra strength and invaluable progress. 

Furthermore, my Dutch classes are not "regular" Dutch language lessons: They are very much like a regular Dutch school class, with lots of Dutch culture, literacy and numeracy and together we make handcrafts, sing, dance, act and sometimes even cook, among many other fun learning activities. Just like at school :-) 

Finally, I've seen lots of kids (and their parents!) leave my lessons happy and less "scared" of the Dutch language! :-D So, I am here to help!

If this sounds interesting to you, please check out all of Juf Julia's Dutch (afterschool) activities available at this moment:

Online individual lessons "D​utch for children" (From 16€)

Online group lessons "D​utch for children" (from 3 children) (From 16€)

Face-to-Face individual lessons "Dutch for children" (From 16€)

Face-to-Face group lessons "Dutch for child​ren" (From 2 childre​n) (From 16€)

Practice Dutch with Juf Julia (Facebook events) (Free for Juf Julia's enrolled students!)

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Online and face-to-face individual and group Dutch lessons for foreign children (from 4 y.o. / Groups from 2 children)

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