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Juf Julia

Why should your child learn / practice Dutch with Juf Julia?

  • Your child will learn / practice with an Early Childhood Dutch primary school speaking teacher, with lots of experience. All of this while playing and having fun! During my Online and Face-to-Face lessons I use pedagogical materials and games: Audio, video, multimedia, language method books, lots of music (and dance, when possible), handicrafts, lots of games, sensory material, some acting and even cooking :-)

  • Your child will also practice with CITO/LOVS toets (CITO/LOVS test) material

  • You can choose between Online and/or Face-to-Face lessons. Besides, with Juf Julia you can always combine Online and Face-to-Face lessons, at your convenience! 
  • Online lessons are intensive and very useful when, logistically, it is complicated to bring the child to the lesson. Especially during this whole COVID-19 situation, Online lessons have proven to be a very effective tool and a good way to keep up the progress and efficient work regarding Dutch learning.
  • Face-to-face lessons create a closer bond between the student and the teacher. This is important for the student's motivation and the emotional aspect of learning. On the other hand, they are not essential for progress and learning.
  • A combination of both lesson modalities-types (Online and Face to Face lessons) is, in all cases,  beneficial for the student and the teacher, as well as for the parent(s). 
  • Moreover, when also offering Online lessons to our children, we are also preparing them for their future:

  • I have been working in public Dutch schools as preschool teacher (4 to 6 y.o. toddlers). I know exactly what your child needs to feel happy and succeed in a Dutch class

  • I have a very international background and understand very well different cultures. I have lived in six different countries and I am also fluent in English, French and Spanish. I definitely know what it feels to be expat and language learner :-)

  • I have been teaching languages for several years (children, teenagers and adults)
  • I am a proud mother of two multilingual young children!

  • I own two Degrees: One in Advanced Montessori with Early Childhood Care and Education, aimed at 3 to 12 years old children, and a Master in General Linguistics (University of Amsterdam) 

  • Moreover, I have a valid First Aid Certificate from the Dutch Red Cross for children and babies (in Dutch: EHBO Rode Kruis Nederland)

  • I have significant experience with children, Early Childhood Care and Education and child psychology. I have also done several internships in different Early Years Education settings, with children between 9 months old and 9 years old, and also with visually impaired children, children with Down Syndrome and children with Autism 

  •  Also, your child will get free access to our personal practice space / digital classroom, with lots of material to learn and practice at home!

  • At the end of every two months, your child will get a report and observations of all lessons held. You will get personal advice and tips of how you could help your child make (more) progress

  • I believe that building up self-confidence and self-esteem are the keys to success, for children as well as for adults. Moreover, I strongly believe in easy, fun and structured learning, with heart, feeling and passion to help our (new) expat community learn good Dutch!

  • I offer free trial lesson and 20% discount for returning students (Please, contact Juf Julia for conditions regarding 20% discount for returning students!)

  • I really believe in children and I care with all my heart about children and their well-being. I proudly support the following national and international organizations:

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