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Juf Julia

My customer's testimonials

We are Expat parents and facing quite challenges to teach the dutch language, So we chose an extra lesson for our son with Juf Julia. My son is enjoying the online lessons, and can see a smiling face after the classes. He has attended one face to face session which is quite helpful for an expat student.

M. Kalsa. - India

My daughter is in group 4 (Dutch school), she initially started in international school and later moved to Dutch school. Weekly sessions with Juf Julia helped immensely for my daughter to improve her language skills. My daughter gets very excited to attend Juf Julia's class, her unique and fun way of teaching methods keep little children very engaged during the session and they never get bored.

Bijit B. - India

We are an International, non- Dutch speaking family and our son had started fearing speaking to other children in the park as he did not speak any Dutch. Its been 5 months with Juf Julia and not only can I see the fear fading but he has started trying to form short sentences in Dutch. I am extremely thankful to Julia for this. She makes the lessons a right mix of play and study which makes our son want to attend his lessons and want to speak in Dutch. We look forward to our second son starting with her soon too!

Harsha S. - India

Our daughter has received very positive experience from Juf Julia. Her teaching methodology is extremely focussed and scientific so as to enable children to get used to a new language. Julia carefully mixes the study/lessons with fun. So it becomes extremely interesting for our daughter. Admitting our daughter with Julia has definitely been one of our best decisions and we would highly recommend Julia to all parents. 

D. Sen - India

Juf Julia's Dutch lessons are very interactive. She teaches Dutch in a way that is interesting to children. The Dutch workshops are super fun too and the children always have a blast! Since starting lessons with her, my child speaks Dutch more confidently. Additionally, she also provides lesson observations every month which is very helpful and lets you understand the lesson structures. Highly recommended!! 

P. Gavri - India

"Thank you Julia for all the hard work you have put in to make my son lessons interesting and fun. The online classes have helped our son to stay focused even in pandemic situations. It helps him to get more confident & happy to speak and write in Dutch. And by end of every month, the summary of the lesson you shared is very helpful to follow up on the child's progress. Thank you for your dedication."

P. Yadav - India

Juf Julia is great with kids and knows exactly how to catch attention of my son during online sessions. My son is very happy to study with Juf Julia and he is much more motivated to learn Dutch since he has been studying with Julia. So, many thanks Juf!

B. Dolu - Turkey

Julia is very creative and my son loved studying a lot. She tells your children about holidays and national heroes. After a few lessons my son started counting in Dutch however at home we speak only Russian.​

E. Zamiatina, Russia

Thank you so much Juf Julia! The confidence you believe in is reflected in your lessons. Our son is not afraid anymore:-)

J. O'Neill, New Zealand

We speak only our language at home, no Dutch at all. No help with this until we discovered your service. And it really helped our little daughter. Once more thanks!

S. Kapur, India

Dear JufJulia, I am very happy because I was your student :-) I have to go now, but I will continue learning, so I won't forget our lessons ;-) 

S. Vasiliev (former student)- Russia

A kiss from Italy for Juf Julia, who helped our little boy not to be silent in the Dutch classroom anymore. You really helped us not to be too scared of Dutch anymore. We appreciate it.

Family De Luca - Italy